Poissonnerie Du Marché Atwater Inc.

154 Avenue Atwater,

Montréal QC H4C 2G3



Vente de poissons frais et de fruits de mer à Montréal

Located in Montreal’s Atwater Market, the POISSONNERIE DU MARCHÉ ATWATER specializes in selling fresh fish and seafood.

We are looking forward to sharing our daily arrivals!

Premium quality freshness

The POISSONNERIE DU MARCHÉ ATWATER is renown for stocking a seasonal selection of fresh fish and seafood. You’ll find the latest catches and quality products, all ideally located in the Atwater Market. Our team is always on the lookout for new items we can offer our customers. We focus on environmentally sustainable fishing and are pleased to carry a wide selection of shellfish, including lobster, oysters, mussels, snow crab, and more. Don’t forget to ask for some cooking tips!

We guarantee product freshness

A dynamic team is at your service

Ideally located in a vibrant neighbourhood that’s full of life and diversity, the POISSONNERIE DU MARCHÉ ATWATER has been serving loyal and curious customers since 1978. Founded by Amédée Archambault, we have continued to operate as a family business, with the same passion and gold standards as from the very start. In an industry that is always changing, we are continuously looking for the latest fresh products. Furthermore, we offer a selection of services at no extra cost to customers: fish preparation, packaging for freezing, cooking lobster and making salmon tartare.

Calling all seafood lovers! We stock freshness.