Poissonnerie Du Marché Atwater Inc.

154 Avenue Atwater,

Montréal QC H4C 2G3



Fresh fish

Get all your fresh fish at Montreal’s POISSONNERIE DU MARCHÉ ATWATER.

Seafood lovers in and around Montreal come to us for the wide selection and premium quality products we stock.

Poisson frais Saint-Henri, Poisson frais Montréal, Poisson frais Westmount

Daily fresh arrivals

The POISSONNERIE DU MARCHÉ ATWATER is renown for freshness as well as flavourful seasonal products. To secure the highest quality, we are always on the lookout for products sourced from environmentally sustainable suppliers. Our dynamic team takes great pleasure in offering fresh fish, guaranteeing healthy and varied meal options. We can also recommend how to best prepare the fresh fish and shellfish of your choice.

Satisfying your cravings for freshness

Additional services, free of charge

The POISSONNERIE DU MARCHÉ ATWATER will also handle any preparations for your order, at no additional cost. You can take home a whole fish or have it in fillets, steaks or butterflied - whichever cut you prefer. We can also prepare salmon tartare using salmon flesh to create a tender and low-fat finished product. Furthermore, we will happily package your order in individual portions for easy home-freezing. We are located in the Atwater Market, near Saint-Henri, Île-des-Sœurs and Westmount.

Helping you buy the freshest fish

An overview of the fresh fish we stock:

  • Dogfish
  • Gurnard
  • Pollock
  • White fish
  • Whiting
  • Rays
  • Anchovies
  • Squid
  • Ling
  • Burbot